GENOME — what comes now? Acceleration

3 min readApr 23, 2024


After some very heavy lifting of launching GENOME on BASE, GenomesDAO is ready to accelerate.

Here’s what the team are thinking about and working on now:


The GenomesDAO directs the product development. We have some fantastic product features coming.

23andme onboarding

This is actually onboarding of customers of existing direct to consumer genomics in general. 23andme (Hacked and going bankrupt), (bought by blackstone for $4.7 billion) and other players like MyHeritage have no privacy controls in place for your most personal data.

We are building pipelines to allow users of those companies to secure their data for free and get all of the benefits that users enjoy.

More Tests

We recently added 10 new reports that offer unparalleled insights into your health, ancestry, traits, and beyond. We will be expanding on this in several ways:

  • Adding more tests, with various price points and levels of complexity (some will be free)
  • Adding the ability to pay for the tests with GENOME, crypto or FIAT

Our B2B Product

We are onboarding our B2B offering and in talks with a major cloud provider to attempt to fast track virtual labs for nation states and governments who have data sovereignty rules that can be adhered to faster using partner storage that can handle the AMD security stack.


We’re considering our conference calendar for the year to bring GenomesDAO and DeSci to as many crypto natives as possible. If you know of any events we should be going to, or should be organising, let us know in the Telegram group:


We want to make sure you stay abreast of everything happening in our Genomics 3.0 world and would like to continue with the Spaces we have been organising weekly on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. Do ping us in the Telegram group if you have a topic you would like us to talk about in these Spaces:


We have a few ideas to explore with the new GENOME token on base. We have amazing LP rewards right now. We already have 1000s of holder and after 1 week of GENOME/ETH pool on BASE, we’ve seen:

$1.2m liquidity provided
$370k volume
ca 100% APY for LP-ers

You can get rewards on Aerodrome here:

You can get rewards on Harvest here:

We have been trying to get GENOME propagating through the crypto world. We are in close conversation with MEXC on the launch of trading there. We are also getting Coingecko and Coinmarket cap to perfect the GENOME landing pages.

Should we make the token deflationary with burn metrics based on kit sales? Should we set up token locks in exchange for free genomic sequencing kits?

We will be setting up votes on the snapshot to drive this — in the mean time let us know in the Telegram group:




GenomesDAO is a genomic data security company that democratizes and decentralizes genomics in Healthcare