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3 min readNov 12, 2021


Your genome is the biological blueprint that makes you, you. It is the most comprehensive and sensitive piece of personal information you will ever have. It is uniquely yours.

We believe you should own your DNA. So we built — a private and secure DNA data bank that puts you in full control of your genome.

Within our DNA data bank, we provide you with your very own virtual DNA Vault to securely store your genomic data. These DNA Vaults harness next-generation security technologies, which means ONLY YOU hold the ‘private keys’ to your DNA Vault. Only you have full access to your data. Even, as a technology provider, can’t access your data. This gives you true and full ownership of your DNA data.

But your DNA is a powerful asset. And we want you to use it to benefit yourself (understanding more about yourself) and for the good of humanity (contributing data to research) once you have your data secured in your DNA Vault.

Your mobile app allows you to do this, by giving you control over access to your DNA Vault. Here’s how it works.

Set Up

After ordering and receiving your sample collection kit from, you must activate your kit using your unique Activation Code. Following kit activation, you will be instructed to download your mobile app and connect this to your DNA Vault.

To do so, you simply scan your unique QR code that is presented to you on the website. This will establish ownership of your DNA Vault and give you sole control over access to your data.

You must then follow further instructions on your mobile device to complete the app set up process, and make sure you send your sample collection kit back to us.


In the Actions tab you can view requests to access your DNA data, the details of these requests, and a historical log of how your data has been accessed.

You can create these requests on the website, by choosing to run specific reports on your genome (e.g. Carrier Status, Health Risks, Traits, Ancestry, etc). This allows you to learn about information in your DNA in the way YOU decide to (e.g. you might want to know some things but not others).

But most importantly, our research partners can also create data access requests, allowing you to play an active role in contributing to potentially life-saving medical research. You receive full transparency on how your data will be accessed, the research it will be used in, and receive equitable compensation for doing so.


View a ledger of your earnings in your Wallet tab. You will initially be able to earn in these scenarios:

  • Accepting data access requests from researchers
  • Sharing other health data with us by taking Surveys on our web account
  • Inviting your friends to sign up to


Configure how you want your DNA Vault to be accessed in the Settings tab. Remember this applies to data access requests created by both you (e.g. reports) and researchers. We give you 3 options:

  1. Automatically accept all data access requests.
  2. Automatically deny all data access requests.
  3. Request your permission for each data access request.

So there it is. A whistle-stop tour of the new mobile app. Stay tuned for further exciting announcements in the near future!

Let us know what you think. Get in touch touch through our Discord, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram or at We’d love to hear from you!

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