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GNOME rewards schedule

Total Supply — 10 million GNOME

LP Rewards — 5 million GNOME

Genomic Sequencing Lab — 2.5 million GNOME

Preseed Investors — 0.25 million GNOME

GNOME — ETH LP seed pool — 0.25 million GNOME

Team — 2 million GNOME

Prioritizing the first 5 years

The DeFi world moves fast. 2 years ago we were chatting about all things DeFi with the Dharma team in a bar in San Francisco, who invented the term less than a year prior.

As such, we want to focus the distribution on early supporters and allow for more interesting DeFi strategies and structures as we grow. We are also seeing fantastic development in the DAO Governance space and want to follow best practices with governance as this evolves.

Year 1 has 3 million GNOME (30% of cap) provided to LP providers in order to encourage participation in exchange for Governance rights. This timed release also means that pricing stability will be encouraged as the company grows.

LP Reward Distribution at Launch

At launch there will be 2 liquidity pools earning GNOME or GENE. The distribution will be dynamically balanced on a weekly basis.

The starting weights will be

GENE/ETH LP on Sushiswap — GNOME rewards

GNOME/ETH LP on Sushiswap — GENE rewards

GNOME staking on — GNOME rewards

Genomic Sequencing Lab

From conversations within our Discord, we have had several folks voice opinions on where the best way to focus our attention on going forward. We see 4 big areas to prioritise focus:

  • Onboarding more tests and genomic queries to exponentially improve the immediate benefits of the genomic sequencing vaults for end users. To do this, we need to hire bioinformaticians
  • Business development — Working with organisations such as Rare Disease Charities and National Sequencing Initiatives
  • Staying at the forefront of the DeFi landscape aka Hiring more Solidity Developers
  • Improving the auditability of getting files from the sequencers to the vaults.

This last point is a big opportunity in the Genomics space. We currently have signed agreements with 4 genomic sequencing. Our alpha launch uses Nebula, who have a privacy focus and hence can help us with audits. However, to have complete end to end oversight, we could bring the sequencing in house. We would also look at the development of a new privacy focussed operating system for existing best of breed sequencing machines.

As this requires dedicated, predictable funds, we are proposing that up to 25% of the GNOME available is focussed on hardware.

No more than 2.5% of this number (0.25M GNOME) will be available to the team until a vote passes within the DAO. We would propose vesting the funds for one year, unless decided otherwise by a DAO vote. This 2.5% would be used if needed for funds in beginning this work.

In order to be fully transparent as a Fair Launch, we want to be explicit about what will be available at launch and who will have it.

Our current token calendar is as follows

GENE sale on Miso — October (0.00000333 ETH / GENE)

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