The GenomesDAO Roadmap

#1 — MISO Public $GENE Sale

#2 — NFT Project Launch

#3 — Company Operations in Q4

Our Core priorities for 2022

#1–10,000 Genomes is our AMD SEV-ES vaults

#2 — Brokerage of Data to pharma — aka — making passive income for our users

#3 — Launch of GenomesDAO secure Organisational Platform (Rare Disease Charities etc)

  1. Rare disease organisations fund sequencing of their patient groups in return for revenue share during data brokerage.
  2. Research organisation funds sequencing of the patient group in return for priority access to the database.
  1. Making rare disease genomic datasets openly available to researchers
  2. Protecting individual patient’s sensitive genomic data

#4 — Expansion of Tests Available — Open API to 3rd Parties



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GenomesDAO is a genomic data security company that democratizes and decentralizes genomics in Healthcare