The final step— The first crypto-payment incentivised, anonymous, genomic study

3 min readMar 2, 2023

For those who don’t know, we were here in the last bear market, that’s where we began building out our platform. Some 4 years later, we continue to build on our ‘one of a kind’ tech stack.

We are now focussed on our final step in our vision:

Allowing users to receive payments to anonymously power scientific and medical research.

We are entering a new era of genomics. Using you can contribute your DNA data to research that brings lifesaving medical discoveries, without losing privacy or ownership of your data.

Querying your genome will be akin to having a blood test in the next 5 years. However, once your genome is securely stored and access is controlled by you (and only you), running a query on your genome will take seconds and require no more needles!

What we have built so far — Your DNA Vault. A New Standard In Genomic Data Security.

Your genomic data is securely stored within your personal DNA Vault. These vaults harness cutting-edge Secure Encrypted Virtualisation Encrypted-State (SEV-ES) and blockchain technologies to ensure your DNA data remains secure and private at all times.

You own and control access to your genomic data using our mobile application. No one can access your DNA Vault without your explicit permission — not even us.

How it Works Removes middlemen by providing a technology that allows individuals to share DNA anonymously and get paid for doing so.


  • Maintain privacy
  • Maintain control
  • Get paid for sharing data

Pharma / Biotech

  • Better DNA data acquisition model
  • No need to take liability for
    security or ownership of DNA data

The Final Step — The First Experiment

Our aim for 2023 is to run the first ‘crypto payment incentivised, anonymous, genomic study’. This will involve the following steps.

Users receive a notification on their mobile app — with a notification along the lines of “GenomesDAO wishes to ascertain whether you express the 3 genes associated with long COVID — They will only receive this information, anonymously, and will receive no further details from your genome — They will pay you the equivalent of $100 of $GENE if you agree — Accept — Y/N”.

If a user rejects the query — nothing further happens.

If a user accepts, the query is run on their genome and the results exported.

Eg. User XYZ, Gene 1 expressed Y, Gene 2 expressed N, Gene 3 expressed Y.

The user receives $100 of $GENE to their mobile app, which doubles up as a crypto wallet.

We will write up the results of this experiment and share in an open access manner. This research will not only validate the technology, so we can prove the workflows to pharmaceutical companies, it will also provide the first snippets of data on acceptance rates as we begin to investigate this new repeat consent model.

We are so excited to get to this point. Adding real world value to your most valuable data.

If you have any questions about this or anything else — join over 2500 people in the Discord: or jump into the Telegram group:




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