Rewarding good people — $veGNOME for the Afghan Care Package folks

3 min readApr 28, 2022


The Afghanistan Humanitarian Fund released 1000 NFTs to support aid packages. Against the backdrop of Afghanistan’s deepening humanitarian crisis, the “CARE Packages” raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to help families in need. Each edition of the NFT covers one family’s emergency needs for a month.

We want a team of good intended people contributing to our DAO. We can see who these people are on the blockchain.

The people who bought these did so to help humanity, a purely charitable gesture. As such, we will be reimbursing these good folks in our governance token $veGNOME.

  • If you bought a single pack — you’ll get 100 veGNOME, locked for 4 years
  • If you bought a 10 pack — you’ll get 1000 veGNOME, locked for 4 years

This token is a membership in the GenomesDAO with plenty of benefits as of right now, and more coming very soon! If you are familiar with veCRV, this is the same model.

If you are just hearing of the GenomesDAO — you can read about our 4 year journey staring with Consensys Incubator here

What does veGNOME get me right now?

We will be adding more benefits for veGNOME holders in the coming months, including but not limited to:

  • Discount off Genomic Sequencing (when paid with crypto — GENE, GNOME, ETH)
  • Distribution of GNOME to holders in a profit sharing model

To claim you $veGNOME — head over to and connect the wallet with your care package NFT.

Please claim on the Ethereum network, your tokens will be sent to the same address on the Polygon network, for cheaper subsequent actions — unless you choose to donate your tokens, where they will be sent to GenomesDonation.eth on the Polygon network

This means you will need Matic in your wallet on Polygon. If you don’t have any MATIC in your wallet, you can visit the faucet at for enough to conduct one or two transactions.

Once you click Claim all GNOME, you will be presented with the option to claim it, or donate it. If you claim it, you will see it is locked for 4 years at For those feeling generous, you can read how donating will help us in our mission to Democratise healthcare using DeFi and GameFi.

You can read more about how GenomesDAO’s vaults work here and why it is important to secure your Genome here.

You can purchase our utility token GENE here, and more of our Governance token GNOME here.

If you have any questions about this or anything else — jump in the discord —

Token Addresses on the Polygon Blockchain

GNOME Polygon Address — 0x6E8a8726639d12935b3219892155520bdC57366B

GENE Polygon Address — 0x34667ED7C36cBBbF2d5d5c5c8d6Eb76a094EDb9F






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