Proudly introducing our new Podcast Program: The Gene

1 min readOct 27, 2023

Our genes are everywhere!

It defines who we are and has the power to determine the outcome of many vital things in our lives.

Everything that is alive has a genome; a unique piece of code of over 100,000 genes that unlocks the door to an incredible treasure of information.

Whether it is a dog, a cat, a tree or a human being — we all possess this unique code and live our lives with it.

Many of us don’t realize it is there and know little about the power that it holds to inform the world more about your life.

We also don’t realize it has an incredible value both monetary as well as educational and many of us might be too careless or sloppy with this incredible piece of information.

Because your genome is the blueprint to who you are.

This podcast is for people who are fascinated with life.

In this series we will be talking to many experts, biologists, genomic scientists, medical doctors, technology builders, etc. who — just like us — want to understand life better.

We will soon launch the trailer and first episodes so stay tuned for more!




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