Proposal to reward GENOME solo stakers with free Genomic sequencing

2 min readMay 8, 2024


Following the rapid growth of the number of genomic sequences in vaults on our infrastructure, we would like to make sure that all those active in our community can also benefit from the many advantages of being a vault holder.

Previously the DAO voted that we support 23andme data upload to the Platform. The product team is working on this as we speak.

To further boost that number for our users, we want to reward GENOME single stakers who haven’t had their genome sequenced. This will allow solo stakers to participate in the platform at no cost.

The proposal is the following

Allow users who stake 100,000 GENOME for 1 year to get free whole genome sequencing via

This is limited to 250 users in the first instance.

This would lock up 25 million GENOME for 1 year.

This is also dependent on us finding a platform where users can single stake GENOME.

Please vote Yes if you would like GenomesDAO to set this up
Please vote No if you would like GenomesDAO to not set this up

You can vote here:

If you have any questions about this or anything else, jump into the Telegram group:




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