$GENE — The future peg to genomic querying value

  • Consenting for an ancestry test to be run on your genome, for your own interests
  • Allowing a doctor to see if you are at risk of eg Breast Cancer
  • Allowing a pharmaceutical company to ask a research question, in exchange for financial compensation.
  • The price big pharma would pay for snippets of your data, that usually are obtained via expensive clinical trials
  • The price you as an individual would pay for faster results/diagnostics
  • The price you as an individual would pay for better results/diagnostics
  • Rapid use of genome analysis for the treatment and early diagnosis of diseases
  • Increasing R&D investment by pharmaceutical giants for developing novel gene therapies to cure cancer and immunological diseases
  • The rising prevalence of chronic diseases and decreasing cost of sequencing
  • Increasing research funding by the government and strong government support
  • Increasing number of nutrigenomics services providers that provide diet plans for disease conditions based on the unique genes of the patients

Token Addresses on the Polygon Blockchain

GENE Polygon Address — 0x34667ED7C36cBBbF2d5d5c5c8d6Eb76a094EDb9F



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GenomesDAO is a genomic data security company that democratizes and decentralizes genomics in Healthcare