$GENE and $GNOME launch on Camelot on Arbitrum

3 min readFeb 22


We are delighted to announce that users can now trade GENE and GNOME on Camelot Dex on Arbitrum. If you are reading this, you are early!

Rewards will be available for providing liquidity from 5pm UK time/Midday EST on Wednesday 22nd February on CamelotDEX

  • If you stake GENE/ETH you will receive high rewards in our governance token GNOME
  • If you stake GNOME/ETH you will receive high rewards in our utility token GENE

Buying GENE and GNOME on Arbitrum

To take advantage of these great rewards, first you need to add liquidity on Camelot. This will be an equal amount of GENE and ETH or GNOME and ETH. You can buy GENE and GNOME on Camelot here: https://app.camelot.exchange/

More details can be found here — https://genomesdao.medium.com/how-to-buy-gene-and-gnome-camelot-on-arbitrum-ff6f0d75d852

You will have to search for the tokens by address for 3 days whilst we bed into the Camelot system.

GENE address on Arbitrum


GNOME address on Arbitrum


Adding Liquidity

The pools for providing liquidity on Camelot on Arbitrum can be found here: https://app.camelot.exchange/liquidity

In order to qualify for Nitro pools, you must lock for at least 10 days.

You may need to add GENE and GNOME via address using the following addresses:



Nitro Pools!

After adding liquidity on Camelot, you can stake these tokens for high rewards using nitro pools — These are native rewards plus $GRAIL — the token of Camelot DEX. These are likely to be very high for the first few weeks. You will be required to stake these tokens for a minimum of 10 days.

To stake your liquidity in Nitro pools — go to: https://app.camelot.exchange/nitro

Scroll down to see the ETH/GENE and the ETH/GNOME pools

Click on them to deposit and start earning. You will need to lock LP for a minimum of 10 days to earn the Nitro boosts! You can edit your LP at any time to do this.

Congratulations! Lets get #DeSci properly launched on Arbitrum!

As always — you can discuss this and more in the Discord or the Telegram group.


Camelot also allows for single token staking and other initiatives that we will be taking to a DAO vote in the first month of rewards.




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