Earn up to 20% stable APY on Stablecoins — GenomesDAO

Token Price Protection

The GenomesDAO DeFi team will be using those stablecoin to earn yield elsewhere. With the yield from this, the GenomesDAO will be buying GENE and GNOME based on the stablecoin pool the funds came from.


(Optional) You can read how to lock GNOME for veGNOME here. If you have veGNOME in your wallet, you will get an APY above 10%.

  1. To start earning GENE or GNOME, click on the vault you’d like to add your stablecoins to, and choose the stablecoin you’d like to stake via the dropdown.

Token Addresses on the Polygon Blockchain

GNOME Polygon Address — 0x6E8a8726639d12935b3219892155520bdC57366B



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GenomesDAO is a genomic data security company that democratizes and decentralizes genomics in Healthcare