Community update — Making everybody whole


  • We were hacked for 26 ETH at the weekend.
  • We have used treasury funds to reverse the effect of the hack on price
  • We have adding liquidity tokens so all who lost LP tokens will have them returned to their wallets
  • We will be pausing the use of
  • We will continue to be using the Sushi LP contracts and the Harvest Finance Staking rewards contracts (both audited, details below)
  • We will continue to build

The Hack

We are very thankful to Peckshield and community members for their fast acting. We were able to confirm that the exploit was specifically for the staking contract at All treasury funds were safe. Harvest finance LP tokens were safe.

A more detailed thread on the exploit can be found on the SlowMist twitter feed:


We essentially reversed the actions of the hacker here:

The GENE and GNOME prices were returned to levels pre-hack (see below)

We used the Genomes treasury to buy back the LP tokens that were stolen.

3,990.76268469 LP tokens from GENE/ETH
946.677946 LP from GNOME/ETH



Going forward

We will be giving a 24 hour cooling period at this stage, for users to query the LP balances. We will then begin manually transferring LP tokens back to the holders. will be out of action until further notice so as to remove any potential security issues.

We will continue to use Harvest Finance for LP rewards and Sushi liquidity pool creation on polygon.

Harvest has been audited by Haechi, PeckShield, CertiK, Least Authority — The audits can be found here

Sushi has been audited by PeckShield and partially by Quantstamp

Thank you once again to the patience of our community members.

If you have any questions about this or anything else — jump in the discord —



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