Boosted LP provider rewards over 100% using veGNOME

  • Discount off Genomic Sequencing (when paid with crypto — GENE, GNOME, ETH)
  • Boosting of Liquidity Pool vaults
  • Distribution of GNOME to holders in a profit sharing model

As you know at GenomesDAO, we deliver on our promises and we’re happy to announce today the Boosting of Liquidity Pool vaults.

Thanks to a snapshot vote from the community, we also still have triple rewards on Harvest.Finance for those who do not wish to lock $GNOME.

Getting LP tokens and Staking

To take advantage of these great rewards, first you need to add liquidity on Sushi on Polygon. This will be an equal amount of GENE and ETH or GNOME and ETH.

Boosted staking at

  1. Stake your GNOME for veGNOME at: — This boosts your APY! You can read more about how to do this here.
  2. Head to and approve then deposit your LP tokens into the vault of your choice

Migrating existing LP from Harvest

Only do this if you plan to lock GNOME for veGNOME. If not, you have the best rate.

  1. Head over to, connect your wallet and click on Polygon in the header.



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