Announcing veGNOME — Boost your community participation and rewards by temporarily locking GNOME


The first use case for veGNOME holders is to boost their GENE or GNOME rewards in Stablecoin Vaults at

We will be adding more benefits for veGNOME holders in the coming month, including but not limited to:

  • Discount off Genomic Sequencing (when paid with crypto — GENE, GNOME, ETH)
  • Boosting of Liquidity Pool vaults
  • Distribution of GNOME to holders in a profit sharing model

How to stake GNOME for veGNOME

If you have a GNOME balance on your account, this balance can be locked by inputting the amount in Generate veGNOME’s “Balance” field, setting a “Lock until” date and sending the lock transaction.

The GNOME staking/locking UI incorporates a calculator used to determine what boost would be received under current conditions. This calculator is able to account for the particular stablecoin staked in a given quantity based on the current TVL of the pool and the amount of veGNOME an account holds relative to those others who have also staked the same asset.

Staking and locking your GNOME for longer periods, gives you a bigger boost. Below shows the difference in locking 1000 GNOME for 4 years vs 1 month and the effect it has on stablecoin vault rewards. In the example below — we see staking for 4 years gives a 1% APR boost, versus 0.021% if you stake for 1 month.

Our first boosting pool is for stablecoin pools — You can read how to get up to a stable 20% APY on DAI, USDC, USDT, mUSD or FRAX here now.

Once locked, veGNOME can be unlocked to GNOME for a penalty. Emergency unlock will charge 50% of your GNOME tokens. This will be distributed to veGNOME holders.

If you have any questions about this or anything else — jump in the discord —

We are very thankful to vfat and Hundred Finance for their code and documentation that our work has built upon.

Token Addresses on the Polygon Blockchain

GENE Polygon Address — 0x34667ED7C36cBBbF2d5d5c5c8d6Eb76a094EDb9F





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